A beautiful Italian market in Venice: Teatro Italia

teatro-italia_versione-verticaleThe Teatro Italia Despar’s brand mark has been redesigned by Doc Design. Aspiag Service has invested more than 2 million in the restoration of the ex-cinema Teatro Italia, in Venice.
The renovation was conducted under the supervision of the Superintendent. Every aspect, from the lightings to the shelves, was respectfully done to preserve the integrity of the existent architecture.


This is not a first time for Despar: Despar has renovated some historical buildings in Trento, Verona, and Vicenza. For example, in 2014 in Trento, a new Eurospar was inaugurated in the renaissance building Nogaralo Guarenti.


The lighting system is designed to respect the artistic content of the historical building: a full lighting LED system designed and implemented on the shelves to not damage the oldest structures and the fresco.


The low wood shelves permit a greater view to the visual beauty of the building, with an inside area of 580 squares meters.